Who Wants To Adopt A Green Cat!

Who Wants To Adopt A Green Cat
Green Cat

A strange green cat has been spotted out and about in Bulgaria, it is reported to be a stray and so anybody can adopt him. But why is he green?

While some think it could be a new cat breed there may be another explanation behind this mysterious kitty cat.

This bizarre green cat was found prowling around the Bulgarian seaside resort town of Varna. This mysterious cat has become a huge internet hit and even been given a nickname “Green Cat Of Bulgaria”. Specialists have been unable to discover the reason the cat has turned green so the public have been coming up with their own theories.

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Check Out some Of The Theories That Have Been Suggested:

– It’s the Hulk’s cat.

– It’s radioactive.

– It’s an alien.

– It’s an obvious Photoshop job.

– It’s an alien scout sent to do the bidding of an extra galactic sociological study.

– It’s Ming The Merciless’ pet cat.

Who Wants To Adopt A Green Cat 3

When the cat was first sited it had only a small hint of green but over time it’s color has become stronger.

The theory that seems to be more likely is that the cat sleeps sleeps in a paint factory but then experts have said that if that was the case its color would be patchy but the cats color is perfectly even all over it’s fur. Could this mysterious cat color be the work of vandals, a new cat breed or just a freak of nature?

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If you have a different theory share it with us in the comments below.

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Article Source – Oddity Central

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