11 Stunning City Canals You Should Visit Before You Die

The Most Impressive Channels Around the World

When someone asks to name city canals, You probably think of Venice and Amsterdam, but there are dozens of other beautiful cities with stunning canals around the world that are worth visiting too.

Whether you are looking for something romantic, a quiet relaxing place or just an amazing view, there are plenty to choose from. You can find a large variation in sizes, waterways that connect oceans to small waterways through charming towns. The cities also have their own charm and interesting stories that make them unique in the world and provide an unforgettable holiday location.

01. Hamburg – Germany


Hamburg is a famous harbor city and it’s port is the third largest in the world. Just north of Rathausmarkt are the stunning white arches at a canal called Alsterarkaden. The whole area is also full of indoor shopping arcades with the most popular being the Hanse Viertel.

02. Alappuzha – India

Alappuzha The Venice of The East

Alappuzha is often referred to as “The Venice of the East”. It is an ancient and beautiful place full of canals which connect to the famous Kerala backwaters. Many tourists come here to rent a houseboat to explore the stunning canals.

03. Birmingham – England

Birmingham The British Stuning City

Most people don’t think of Birmingham when it comes to canals but surprisingly this British city has more miles of canals than Venice. These canals were once used for transporting goods but are now used just for tourism.

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04. El Gouna – Egypt

Venice of Egypt

El Gouna is a beautiful town on the Red Sea coast. It is called the Venice of Egypt and it’s great weather and stunning views attracts tourists all year round.

05. Bangkok – Thailand

Bangkok Magnificent Temples and Palaces

Not only does Bangkok have magnificent temples and palaces but they also have some awesome canals to explore too. They even have traditional markets on the canals were people set up stalls in boats.

06. Stockholm – Sweden

The Most Impressive Channels Around the World
Stockholm has some great city canals which are fun to explore. Boats and kayaks are available to rent so you can have a relaxing paddle exploring the city’s waterways.

07. Bruges – Belgium

Bruges Most Stuning City

Visiting Bruges is like stepping into the past, it is one of Western Europe’s most-visited medieval cities and has some beautiful canals that are well worth visiting.

08. Tigre – Argentina

Tigre Venice Duplicate from Argentina

Tigre is named after the big cats that once roamed here before it was populated. The town sits on an island surrounded by canals and is a very popular tourist destination in Argentina. Tigre is what Venice might have looked like before development.

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09. Annecy – France

Annecy the flower draped bridges

Annecy has many flower-draped bridges, beautiful cathedrals, ancient archways, and many canals. It is one of the most beautiful city canals in the world and definitely worth visiting before you die.

10. Suzhou Canals – China

Suzhou the stunning waterways

Suzhou is an old city in Eastern China. It is famous for stunning waterways, beautiful gardens and historic stone bridges. It is also close to the Grand Canal which is one of the largest waterway trade routes in the world.

11. Venice – Italy

Venice city Heaven of the boats The famous Venice city can maintain unity despite being scattered across 118 small islands. The city features over 400 bridges and boasts many masterpieces of architecture and art in so little space.

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