Friendship – An Emotional Relationship Between Two Persons

Friendship - An Emotional Relationship Between Two Persons
Friendship - An Emotional Relationship Between Two Persons

Friendship is a basic human need. People need to feel connected to other people in order to survive. When there is a bond between two people, this is considered to be friendship. In most cases, friends understand each other, and have some interests in common. There have been many scientific studies that have been done about friendship.

There are many different aspects that go along with friendship. Most people that are friends not only have some of the same interests, but they enjoy exploring these interests together. In order to maintain a good friendship with another person, there has to be trust, honesty, and compassion. Just as with any other kind of relationship, there also has to be communication. It is essential that each person in the friendship be allowed to express him or herself without feeling like they are being judged or made fun of.

There have been many studies that have been done with friendship because this is something that has been around for centuries. If you are to be a true friend, you will treat the other person as you would like to be treated. This means that you are not mean to the other person and you do not lie to them. These acts can destroy a friendship quickly.

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In different cultures, there are different ways that people view friendship. In the eastern cultures, friendship seems to be more respected than it is in western cultures. In eastern cultures, friends are expected to respect and be devoted to each other. They will make sacrifices for one another in times of need without expecting that the other person will owe them a favor in return.

In Germany, you will find that this culture does not hold friendship to a very high standard. Most of the people in this culture only have a few friends. However, this is because in this country, people take the time that is necessary to ensure that they are making a good decision when they choose a friend.

In the Russian culture, they have few friends just as in the culture of Germany. Even though they only have a few friends, they have an extremely deep bond with the people that they choose to be friends with. In many cases, people that Russians spend time with are not always considered to be their friends.

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In the American culture, friendship is looked at in a very unique way. The term friend is used extremely freely. People in this culture can consider people that they have hung out with just a couple of times as friends. It is possible for Americans to consider people that they have never met to be their friends because of the Internet and social networking sites. This is sad because a quarter of Americans do not have any true friends.

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