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The Actors of The NeverEnding Story 30 Years Later

If you were around in the eighties you will surely remember The NeverEnding Story but have you ever wondered what happened to those child actors from this classic adventure film? The NeverEnding Story The film follows a shy and friendless boy called Bastian who takes shelter from bullies in a …

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Top 10 Sexiest Women In 2014 Chosen By FHM Magazine

Every year FHM Magazine release a list of the year’s top sexiest women. The stunning ladies are picked by the readers of the magazine and who do you think is this year’s favorite? 10. Scarlet Johansson Scarlett Johansson was born in 1984 and is an actress, singer and model. Her …

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10 Child Actresses Who Grew Up To Be Gorgeous

These child actresses were some of the lucky few who grew up to be absolutely stunning. While most of them managed to keep on acting into adulthood some never quite made it. 1. Emma Watson Emma Watson was born in 1990 and landed her first acting job playing Hermione Granger …

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15 Famous Celebrities Who Have Aged Terribly

Age is cruel but when you are a celebrity and career depends on your looks it can be even more upsetting. Check out these 15 famous celebrities who have aged terribly over the past years. 1. Mickey Rourke – Born 1952 Mickey Rourke started his acting career in the eighties …

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