Can You Have Weight Loss After a Period?

Can You Have Weight Loss After a Period
Can You Have Weight Loss After a Period

Is it possible to have weight loss after a period? This is usually the question of many women who notice that they weight more when they are PMSing. How we women weigh is like yo-yo. Most of the times, its those hormones kicking in and often times, it is just PMS and fluid retention.

During your period, your body tends to feel a little bloated. This is especially true when you have eaten loads of salty stuffs or foods enriched with MSG. Salt retain bodily fluids that should have been flushed out. Notice that when you cut back on salt, you can easily fit in your skinny jeans.

Another reason why it feels as if we are a lot heavier when we have our period is because of hormones. Hormone overdrive makes us crave for food. Notice that when you are pmsing, you want to eat foods that you don’t normally want to eat. It is much the same way with pregnant people.

Also, there is the thing they call “the blues”. Mood swings start and we feel the need to binge on foods that will make us feel comfortable and happy.

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Incorporating a healthier diet in your daily lifestyle can prevent this yo-yo weight from happening. Start by eating more fruits and vegetables and ditching salty packs of chips. You can still load up on these but substitute it with a healthier one.

Instead of buying potato chips that surely packs a lot of MSG, not to mention trans fat, why not make your own? You can purchase fresh potatoes and slice them into thin pieces, put a little salt and pepper and bake it. You still get your craving for salty food but you get to control how much salt you put in it.

Also, when you are feeling depressed, surround yourself with people who can make you feel happier. The blues during our period is not that severe and can be easily alleviated when you are in the company of your friends. Even watching television can make you feel happy.

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You should also try to curb your craving. Reason with yourself first on the demerits of eating too many cookies in one sitting. Find out deep down if you are really that hungry and if you really need to gobble up on that cookie.

Exercising is also another way to lose weight and another way to kick the blues away. When you are active, happy hormones such as endorphins are produced. This way, weight loss after period and before period can still happen.

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