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10 Bizarre Body Defects Found In Famous Celebrities

Celebrities always look perfect, but if you take a closer look you will discover most of them have body defects.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker – Bandy legs

Sex in the city star is an icon of style and a wonderful example that it is unnecessary to think about body defects. As long as you are well-groomed, have beautiful skin and perfect make-up there is nothing to worry about.

9. Kim Kardashian – Low height

At just 1.59 meters Kim Kardashian suffers from a low height but that is nothing to be ashamed of. Marilyn Monroe was even shorter when she shot to fame and she is still popular today.

8. Megan Fox – Stumpy Thumb

It appears Megan Fox has been blessed. She has an amazing figure, beautiful blue eyes and stunning looks. But nature wasn’t 100% generous. She has freakishly looking stumpy thumbs.

7. Uma Thurman – Big feet

The star of Kill Bill feels very embarrassed of her big feet and tends to wear long skirts or trousers to hide them.

6. Vanessa Paradis – Big gap between Front teeth

Vanessa is the wife of Johnny Depp and famous for her big gap. Being self conscious about her gap she usually tries not to smile in front cameras but for the rest of us we think it’s part of her charm.

5. Keira Knightley – Small Breasts

While she may be a symbol of beauty, Keira lacks in the breast department. But she is obviously happy about her shape otherwise she would gone down the same road as many other women and had silicone implants.

4. Jennifer Lopez – Wide Hips

This singer and actress has very wide hips but instead of letting it get to her she has managed to make it look sexy and become famous for it.

3. Kate Bosworth – Different Colored Eyes

Kate suffers from heterochromia which results different color eyes. While it may be a defect it also is thing beauty. Another celebrity who also has different color eyes is David Bowie, his were the results of fight he got into at a younger age.

2. Barbara Streisand – Big Nose

Barbara is famous for her large nose, but it hasn’t stopped her becoming an amazing singer and great actress. Despite earning millions she has never wanted plastic surgery and is happy with the way she looks. Can you blame her she is still beautiful.

1. Brook Shields – Large Eyebrows

Actress Brook Shields was a beauty and fashion icon in the eighties. Even after some serious plucking her eyebrows are quite large but it doesn’t stop her from looking gorgeous.

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