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The Actors of The NeverEnding Story 30 Years Later

If you were around in the eighties you will surely remember The NeverEnding Story but have you ever wondered what happened to those child actors from this classic adventure film?

The NeverEnding Story

The film follows a shy and friendless boy called Bastian who takes shelter from bullies in a book store. While hiding he discovers a mysterious book and takes it. After discovering a secluded attic to hide in, Bastian starts to read the book and discovers the world of Fantasia which is being threatened by the nothing.


Barret Oliver played Bastian at age 11 but after a successful acting career during the eighties he quit acting in 1988. Barret is now a photographer and teaches photography classes in Los Angeles. He has even managed to publish a book called “A History of Woodburytype”.


Atreyu was played by Noah Hathaway at age 13. Noah has managed to continue his acting career with his most recent film being Blue Dream (2013). He also performed most of his stunts during the filming of The NeverEnding story.

The Childlike Empress

The Childlike Empress was played by Tami Stronach at age 12. Despite her great performance Tami’s parents didn’t want to her to act anymore and so her movie career came to a halt.

Tami currently owns a dance studio in Brooklyn and is a professional dance choreographer.

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