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15 Famous Celebrities Who Have Aged Terribly

Age is cruel but when you are a celebrity and career depends on your looks it can be even more upsetting. Check out these 15 famous celebrities who have aged terribly over the past years.

1. Mickey Rourke – Born 1952

Mickey Rourke started his acting career in the eighties and then took up boxing in the nineties. He has now made a return to movies but is seriously showing his age now.

2. Keith Richards – Born 1943

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is certainly showing the wear and tear of all the years of alcohol and drug abuse.

3. Ozzy Osbourne – Born 1948

Ozzy Osbourne was quiet the looker back in the early days and this is proof of how bad drugs are for you. In fact he has gone through so many substances over the years that his mentality has been effected too.

4. Val Kilmer – Born 1959

Val Kilmer doesn’t look that bad at 54 but then when you consider how much of a good looker he was years ago you can see time has had it’s toll on the actor.

5. Steven Tyler – Born 1948

You can only imagine some of the wild times Aerosmith had during their Rock and Roll years and it certainly had an effect on Steven.

6. Lil’ Kim – Born 1974

Years ago Lil’ Kim was the girl you dreamed of dating, now she is the stuff of nightmares. What happened to you Lil’ Kim?

7. Axl Rose – Born 1962

Another rock and roll musician that has not aged well is Axl Rose. See a pattern developing yet?

8. Kirstie Alley – Born 1951

Kirstie Alley has put on the pounds over the years and aged somewhat but recently she has been making an effort to loose weight. She even made an appearance on the Dr Oz Show regarding her weight. There is hope for Kirstie yet and we may have to take her off our list in the future.

9. Lindsay Lohan – Born 1986

Linsay started her acting career as a child but during her early twenties things took a dive. She has been in trouble with the law on numerous occasions and has been in rehabilitation three times within the last few years. If she can make it through this bad spell then Lindsay may be another we can cross off our list.

10. Carrie Fisher – Born 1956

Carrie Fisher was once the girl that every boy dreamed of. She was the heroine of the Star Wars saga and won over the hearts of nerds all over the world. Sadly time has been cruel to Carrie but we will always remember her as the gorgeous Princess Leia.

11. Janice Dickinson – Born 1955

Supermodel Janice Dickinson was once one of the most beautiful women in the world but after some cosmetic surgery and some aging the model is almost unrecognizable as the hot girl she was once was.

12. Macaulay Culkin – Born 1980

Macaulay Culkin was the cute little genius kid from Home Alone but during puberty something went wrong with Macaulay’s cuteness, it went away.

13. Kathleen Turner – Born 1954

Kathleen Turner was a beautiful and great actress during the eighties but unfortunately as the nineties kicked in so did rheumatoid arthritis. She turned done many movie roles due to her condition and her body changed for the worse. So much so that she played a man in drag on the TV Series Friends. Need I say anymore.

14. Goldie Hawn – Born 1945

Goldie Hawn is a successful television producer, film producer, author, actor, singer and mother. She is remembered for all the comedies she starred in during the eighties and nineties but sadly time has been cruel to her. If only the vial she drunk from in Death Becomes Her Was Real.

15. Chevy Chase – Born 1943

Chevy Chase is another comic actor that had huge success in the eighties and nineties but as age as caught up with Chevy it is actually difficult to recognize him as the great actor he once was.

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